Taffy Phone Cord


  • Taffy Phone Cord
  • Antra Phone Cord
  • Blueberry Phone Cord
  • Emerald Phone Cord
  • Lavender Phone Cord
  • Navy Phone Cord
  • Oat Phone Cord
  • Snow Phone Cord
  • Teal Phone Cord
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We're excited to introduce a new member to our Studio Noos family; phone cases and cords designed with the modern parent in mind.

It is not just a practical accessory – it's a lifeline for multitasking parents. You can keep your hands free and your phone within reach, no matter where your busy day takes you.

Mix and match our phone cases, bags and cords to reflect your personal style.

Please be aware: the cord is NOT included, add the cord to make your adventure complete.
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Adjustable length: min. 86cm | max. 130cm


100% Polyester

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  • Taffy Phone Cord

Taffy Phone Cord