Grocery Bags

Meet our collection 100% recycled Grocery Bags. Your everyday friend during grocery shopping. From now on you can say no to plastic bags. Fold them up in their pocket and easily take them with you in your handbag and you'll never have to pick up a plastic bag again as you can reuse our bags over and over again.

Grocery bags by Studio Noos

Our stylish and eco-friendly grocery bags are your everyday essential. Studio Noos grocery bags are made from recycled polyester, and come in unique designs or patterns like our or Clover Grocery Bag.
Our grocery bags not only serve the practical purpose of carrying groceries, but they also make a statement and add to your personal style. Gone are the days of plastic bags that rip easily and end up in landfills. Instead, a fashionable grocery bag can serve as a reusable accessory. You can use your grocery bag as a stylish tote bag for everyday use, taking your bag to work, to the beach, or on a weekend trip.
Reusable grocery bags can have a positive impact on the environment. By using a reusable bag instead of a disposable one, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste they produce. Additionally, our grocery bags are made from recycled polyester, making them a more environmentally conscious choice.
With a wide range of designs available, there is sure to be a grocery bag that fits any mom's personal style. And not to forget: they fit around your stroller too.